Apr 02

Thursday April 2

Thank you for visiting my site. My web designer Papillion – a Cajun kids’ pirate – has done a fantastic job in double-quick time and I recommend him highly.

I am delighted that so far the book has received good reviews, and I’m especially pleased with the one in FourFourTwo. It is such a great magazine – the only one I ever subscribed to – and in fact I still have the very first issue.

On Monday I appeared on Fox Football Fone-In and that went well. I was nervous at the start, what with being live on national TV and everything, but the lads were great in helping me relax and it went okay in the end. I’m looking forward to continuing the publicity push, and next week we will discover if the TV slot boosted sales. Watch this space…

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  1. Peter Acheson Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Good to see the website up and running. What a great effort with the book, it’s fantastic and a fascinating read. You did well on the Fox TV show and hope all goes well with your ongoing publicity work. Good luck!


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