Jul 01

A change this month. For a while now – it seems like forever, but it is 15 weeks – Corona-virus has been dominating everything. So I will ignore that particular hulking elephant in the room, and take a wee jog down Memory Lane.

The title of this entry comes from a song by Marillion, an English progressive rock band who were big in the UK in the mid-eighties. I was a big fan, and whenever I hear or think of those words, it always reminds me of the song, and the title of their debut album, Script for a Jester’s Tear.

In keeping with many others around the world I’m sure, I’ve been rooting through boxes in the attic and revisiting my past during lock-down. It’s been an enjoyable trip, looking at old diaries, coming across old records, finding old keepsakes and mementos. This morning I was thinking of Marillion because I was wearing their t-shirt in an old photo from 1985.

I went to see Don Henley in the early nineties, and he played a couple of Eagles songs. A few years later of course he rejoined the reformed band, but that night he said, “Memory Lane is a good place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.” Indeed sire, indeed.

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