Dec 07

So I turned 40 when I was home last week. Wonderful. A nice cheery thought.

Actually to be honest it didn’t bother me. In fact to celebrate (commiserate) I had my hair chopped off. After 15 years with a girlie ponytail I finally took the plunge and got the snip. It was really bizarre for a few days, every night I went to take out my hair-tie and I still dump half a gallon of shampoo in my hand in the shower, but I’ve got used to it now and it has been rather freeing old bean. Finn’s owner Stephen Patterson told me it made me look much younger – well, he said it took weeks off me.

My time in the UK and Ireland was great, although after five years in Louisiana my blood has definitely thinned and I spent most of the time shivering, although I did pick up the flu when I was there which didn’t help. I had a busy four days in London – met my UK publisher, saw a couple of bands, caught up with a bunch of old friends some of whom I hadn’t seen in nine years – and then hired a car. I drove halfway around the country, covering almost 800 miles in three days, and that was hectic but fun. Did a radio show in Exeter with an old colleague I hadn’t seen in over a decade and also visited the real-life Royston Vasey for you League of Gentlemen fans.

Next I had 10 days at home which was less packed but still enjoyable. I spent a day in Dublin because I had two radio interviews, and as I had a few hours between them I wandered the streets. It was the first time I had spent any time in Dublin since, well, I can’t even remember, probably 12 years I’m sure. It is a cosmopolitan bustling place now, Temple Bar had a great vibe even on a cold December Tuesday afternoon, and I really enjoyed it.

I also did two radio interviews at home, a TV interview, a newspaper interview and photo-shoot, and a book signing at a fantastic bookshop called No Alibis. All of these things bar one radio interview of course was crammed into the last day I was there, nothing like forward planning on the media’s part of course… The book signing was the most successful I’ve ever done actually, sold 50 or something. And they weren’t all to my friends – some were even real-life book-buying customers!

So now I’m back in NOLA and playing catch up before taking a break at Christmas to spend some quality time with my wife and child after spending most of my evenings this year pumping the book. And my early New Year Resolution? To update this blog more frequently.

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