Sep 02

It feels like it, right? Hands up if you thought we would still be here almost six months later.

It’s never ending it seems over here in the USA anyway, though there seems to be more movement back home in the UK. Just when you think there are signs of things improving, it reverts back again. At least, that’s my impression.

I guess it’s a glass half-full, half-empty kind of thing. For instance, if you are looking for signs of hope, Chelsea played a game in front of fans last week. Kids are back at school in the UK, and in parts of the States I guess, and the downward trend in Louisiana continues, at least as far as hospitalizations go.

On the other hand, bars aren’t open, shops are still shut, the streets are still empty. There are strict limits on gatherings, and such. I still can’t work.

I had no idea that life would be like this six months after we became aware of the virus. What can you do? Here’s hoping the end is in sight, right?

Until next time, stay healthy.

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