Aug 01

It’s FA Cup final day. And the strangest one in my lifetime.

When I was growing up, the FA Cup final was probably the highlight of the whole football / soccer year. Everyone watched it, no matter which two teams were competing in it. That has diluted over the decades.

These days, I may not even watch it if Chelsea are not in it. There is so much football on TV these days, it’s not like how it was in the 70s and 80s in the UK, when only a handful of games were shown live. There are more than that on our screens every week nowadays.

But my team is taking part today, for the second time in three years. We used to go decades between appearances.

So even though there will be no fans at a stadium that holds something like 80,000 spectators, I’m about to go in, settle down, and watch the showpiece. I’ll still be cheering on the Blues. Even in these strange times.

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