Apr 01

Well, that came out of nowhere, right? What happened?

One minute we were all getting on with our lives, the next minute we are quarantined in our homes. Overnight the world changed.

The one good thing about this, and I realise tens of thousands of deaths across the planet put this statement into perspective, is the extra time we all now have on our hands. I’m hoping people take advantage of it.

I’ve been teaching writing for years, and I’ve had a lot of talented writers come through my classes. Then they don’t finish their stories / novels / memoirs, whatever it is, and often the reason they give is a lack of time.

Now that’s not an excuse for anyone. We all have time. Lots and lots of time.

I’m hoping that people use the time to write, not to watch reruns of football games from the seventies, or spending their time on youtube.

Everyone who has a story to tell: write. We will never have a chance like this again. Stay safe y’all, S.

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