Mar 04

Tomorrow is eight weeks since I had the operation. The end is in sight. Or at least, as Winston Churchill said, “The end of the beginning…”

I can now walk which is great after seven weeks on crutches. I’m still wearing a boot, but at least I can put weight on my leg again. I have another appointment next week, I’m guessing the next stage is to get out of the boot. Then once I can walk about (somewhat) normally, I suppose the milestone after that will be to be able to drive again.

One day at a time, or more accurately one step at a time I suppose. The surgeon seems pleased with my progress, but there’s of course no way you can hurry anything. After devoting so much time to getting healed, it would be stupid to try to rush things for the sake of a week or two. I’ve been around football / soccer long enough to know that rushing back too early is often a disaster.

Fingers crossed that this time next month, I’ll be back on my feet completely, Both literally and metaphorically. I’ll let you know.

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