Dec 02

There’s a cricket term for you. Not often I get to use one of those on this side of the Pond.

I turned 50 last week. I had a good time, a party a few days before my birthday, and another celebration on the day. This year it fell the day before Thanksgiving which is unusual, but it meant many people who would have been at work were off that day, or at least got out early.

The drawback was that many people go out of town for the holidays, so I was missing some friends from my party. We would have had a few more if they had not been visiting family, or taking the opportunity of being off work for a few days to nip away, but no big deal. We enjoyed ourselves anyway.

So far it doesn’t feel much different to being 49, but as I’ve only been in my sixth decade for five days, I suppose it’s early days. Ask me again in, let’s see, three months? Six months?

Sure age is just a number, right? Ozzy Osbourne turns 71 tomorrow and he is still going strong. If I’m still as active in another 21 years as he is today, I’ll be delighted.

My big birthday over, now Christmas is right around the corner. No rest for the wicked, right? Or the elderly…

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