Nov 02

I’ve probably used that title before. But in a different way.

We bought a house in September and we are settling in. It means the last three posts I’ve written have all been in different spots: my old place, New York, now the new home. In fact some of the recent blogs have been bashed out across the Atlantic, so it seems like I’m an international playboy jet-setter, when in fact I’m as far from that as you can imagine.

Still though, it does bring something home to me, about how I can work from just about anywhere. That’s got to be worth something I suppose. At a time when there are always bills to pay, when you are struggling to scrape up the money for something, it’s a comfort I guess.

Flexibility, and not needing to be at a certain place at a certain time, obviously has its advantages. Getting a regular, weekly guaranteed paycheck does as well of course. Different strokes for different strokes, as someone once said.

Anyway, I’m off to the pub to watch Chelsea. That’s the other place where I do a lot of my work these days… Til next time.

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