Oct 01

I’m writing this in Manhattan, overlooking the Hudson River. It’s a hard life I know.

We are in New York City for five nights. We based the trip around seeing a friend who played Carnegie Hall last night, but then we rolled some other stuff into the stay. It’s what we at home call, “a mini-break” or “a city break.” Once upon a time I used to sell them for a living.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’ve just done a bit of research on the web, and I think it was May 2013, so more than six years ago. It’s funny how fast time goes when you are old like me.

But this may be the first time I have not traipsed around any of the tourist sites. Usually I like to walk around Manhattan, soak up the atmosphere and such. But we have been flat-out visiting friends, watching football and meeting babies, so no time for any of that typical vacation nonsense. Maybe I’ll squeeze a wee bit in tomorrow.

So a blog from New York City. How cosmopolitan and travelled I am. And if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to yell at a cab driver and eat at a deli…

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