Sep 04

September and October are my two busiest months of the year.

In September my writing classes start up again for the Autumn. I usually do two, one on a Tuesday and another on a Thursday, but on occasion that has been stretched to a third, when I’ve had enough writers to run a Wednesday evening session as well.

The courses are about to kickoff, and I always panic about a week out, that I’m not going to have enough students join. At the minute my Thursday course is near enough full so that’s fine, and now all my energy will be going into trying to fill Tuesday’s class.

In general, people do take their time, and it’s normal for there to be a raft of last-minute sign-ups, but it doesn’t do my blood pressure or sleep pattern any good. My writing courses are where I make most of my annual salary, so if they are slack, well… no operation for my dying grandmother this year I’m afraid.

I guess I should go and hound my mailing list to join me, my friends and family to spread the word, and use my social media skills to get the word out. I’ll let you know how it goes next month…

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