Aug 01

I was going to write, “N’Awlins,” but I think people from here get annoyed by that. It’s kind of like what tourists, who don’t want to be thought of as tourists, call the place. Nobody who lives here calls it that to be fair.

The funny thing is, when I was here on my stag trip / bachelor party in 2000, we had an artist paint a caricature. He wrote that version of the name on it. He obviously lived here though, so I guess he must have done it for the tourists. Which I was 19 years ago, although I’m, not any more.

Anyway, I’m back home (or from home), and sweltering through the near-90 degree heat. It’s brutal to be back, and I’m always sad to leave my friends and family in the Old Country.

What has made the last three weeks better is that my daughter is here with me. Yesterday was her twelfth birthday, and her and three of her friends went to the little amusement place in City Park. I have not got to see her a lot over the past two years, so I’m enjoying my time with her now.

Speaking of which, I’m off to do that right now. Enjoy your summer everyone.

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