May 01

May is a crazy month for me, maybe one of the busiest I’ve had since I moved to the USA almost 15 years ago. I mean that both socially and professionally – well, as professional as things get with me.

As far as work goes, I’m teaching writing classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The former has been held in four different locations around the city, the latter has found a temporary home in the CBD. But I still need to secure a permanent venue.

As well as those, I will be teaching a four-week writing session for the New Orleans Public Library. It will be the second class I’ve led for them, although this is at a different location.

There are a slew of concerts coming up this month, maybe the biggest concentration of live music I’ve had since crossing the Atlantic. I’ve the Cult and John Fogerty at Jazzfest. Then in the space of four days I’m going to Bryan Adams, Garbage and Collective Soul. The following week is Paul McCartney, the first time I will get to see (and hear) a member of the Beatles live.

Then there is a mixture of business and pleasure, with Chelsea coming to the States for the first time in three years. I’m flying up to Boston to see them play the New England Revolution, and I’ll spend a couple of nights up there. I’ll enjoy seeing my team of course, but I’ll be hoping to get some more writing work out of the trip as well.

There are a few other bits and pieces in there as well, but that’s enough to detail for now. See you when I come up for air in June…

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