Nov 02

We are selling our house. If all goes to plan, I’m out of here in a little more than three weeks.

It feels strange and everything happened very quickly. Back in the UK it can take months for a sale to go through. From us signing the paperwork until the sale, this will be about a month. The buyers want to move quickly it seems, fine by us, although of course it adds to the stress and such of trying to get everything sorted in time. In my classes I teach about how putting in a ticking clock, a deadline, adds tension to a story. I never meant to do it when I’m involved and selling property however.

We bought this house – a condo officially I suppose – more than 13 years ago. We have been through a lot here, Katrina, the birth of my daughter, lots of other stuff. I’m sure it will feel strange when I walk away later in the month. But at the same time I know that life goes on. “Baby, baby don’t look back,” as Fine Young Cannibals once sang.

Ironically, the day the buyer wants to move in is my birthday. Is it a sign? Will it be a double celebration? I’ll be entering my 50th year after all. Lots of emotions swirling around I’m sure, lots of competing feelings, good and bad memories. But life goes on. Here’s to the next chapter, and home, in my life.

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