Sep 04

I’m writing this as a storm is heading towards New Orleans. It may be a hurricane by the time I finish. Hopefully either way, it won’t be too serious.

I’m in Gastonia, North Carolina, visiting my daughter for a few days. I flew out of Louisiana this morning at 7am, and it did feel a bit strange. Schools closing, the government shutting down, warnings to hunker down and buckle up… it all felt a bit familiar. But it’s been a while since we have had a serious storm or hurricane hit us I think.

The last serious one was about five years ago I believe when we evacuated to my friend’s beach house in Florida. Oh, the humanity! There is a definite feel in the Crescent City I think, having lived there for 14 years, that there is a distinctive way of dealing with an approaching storm. You want a hurricane to be heading towards you because then you can park your car anywhere you want, you can have a party with your friends and not have to get up early, and you get a day to laze around the house or go to the pub.

But obviously you don’t want anyone to get hurt or anything to get damaged. So we need it to blow itself out just before landfall, or dissipate and die or collapse on itself or something. Then everyone gets a lovely little unscheduled holiday.

So I hope Tropical Storm (or Hurricane) Gordon, does not cause any real damage to ourselves or our neighbours to the east like Mississippi or Alabama. Fingers crossed that this latest event amounts to nothing more than a day or two off work and off school for the populace of New Orleans, a city whose residents are well experienced and practiced in dealing with impending weather disasters. Hopefully there will be nothing serious for them, or anyone else on the Gulf Coast, to deal with. In this case, the lack of drama is a good thing.

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