Aug 09

It’s still brutally hot here in New Orleans, but it does feel like summer is winding up. Metaphorically if not physically.

It’s a million degrees and hot, humid and oppressive, so it’s more of a perception than fact. I guess that’s all to do with the return of school.

I’ve had a fabulous summer because I got to spend a lot of time with my daughter. She lives in North Carolina these days so I only get to see her once a month. Often it’s just a fleeting visit, a couple of days here and there. But I got to spend a good bit of time with her in June and July, then had her here with me for a couple of weeks in Louisiana as well. I’m taking her home at the weekend, so tomorrow will be our last day together for a while.

I worked at her school for six years, then last year I worked at another school, so I suppose I’m tuned into the academic year much more than I ever was in Belfast. I’ve friends who are teachers, I’ve mates with kids getting ready to go back… it all feels like we are about to move into Fall. But of course on the face of it that is crazy, and August I’m sure has temperatures that are as high as June and July.

I won’t feel like we are truly into the Autumn / Fall until we hit September. Indeed I think it’s crazy that kids stop classes around the 20th of May for three months – if it was up to me, I’d have them stay in school until the beginning of June and go back at the start of September. That’s what we do in the UK, and our weather is nothing like it is over here.

But, like, whatever dude. As the Americans say, “It is what it is.” And I don’t care what month of the year it is, I’ll just enjoy being a full-time father again.

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