Jul 17

I missed my blog in June. The naughty step for me.

I’ve been writing every month for close to a decade now, and I’ve probably only missed three or four. Not quite sure how that one flew under the radar. I guess I had a lot going on before I flew to the UK, wrapping up everything over here in New Orleans, doing press for my new book, sorting stuff out… pretty poor excuse though, even I can see that.

I had a great time across the Pond though. I got to spend four weeks with my daughter which was great and we had a wonderful time. The last time she visited Belfast she was only six, so she doesn’t remember much about it. It was tremendous to visit all the tourist spots and attractions that she either had not been to before, or did not remember. I think this was her fourth visit to Northern Ireland actually.

In between day-trips with her, I was writing for the local paper back here in Louisiana. I think I ended up producing 20 pieces or something, so obviously that kept me on my toes. And of course I watched as much of the World Cup as I could.

It was an exciting and enthralling tournament, one of the best in living memory. All-in-all, it was a fantastic month to be in Europe. Now I’m back in NOLA and it’s a million degrees with no sign of the heat letting up until, I don’t know, about 2028 or something.

I enjoyed my time at home. Now I’m back home. It’s complicated when you belong on two different continents. Til next time, stay cool.

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