May 03

My new book is finally out! It only took me nine years!

At least, there were nine years between the release of Finn McCool’s Football Club and this one, World Cup Fever. I don’t mean that it took me nine years to sit down and write the thing, although sometimes it did feel like that…

If truth be told, I’m delighted that it is finally released. It has been a labor of love in that there was a lot of research and cross-checking and reading and cross-checking and watching videos and cross-checking involved. You don’t want to put your name to a work and then have to be corrected a week after it is out when there is nothing you can do about it. There were three mistakes in my Finn McCool’s book and they haunt my dreams to this day (kinda).

But I’m proud of it and I hope I’ve done a good job. It’s fewer than 200 pages long and is more of a guide to the tournament than an exhaustive in-depth study, so hopefully it will appeal to the more casual fan as well as the football fanatics / soccer obsessives across America.

I have a pretty small window of six or seven weeks to promote it as much as I can before the World Cup begins, so I’ve been busy with it the last couple of weeks. And now I better get back. Til next time…

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