Mar 01

My house is about to go on the market. It’s 13 years almost to the very day that we bought it.

I’ve enjoyed living here. We looked at a lot of places when we decided to buy in New Orleans. There was one place down by Coliseum Square, I think we looked at it three times. There was another place on Prytania Street that we looked at twice, maybe three times? But the place we ended up buying was undoubtedly the best of all.

Although it’s a condo, in that it shares a dividing wall and roof with another home, really it feels like a house. There are no monthly fees to pay like there are with some flats, apartments, etc… I remember that place down at Coliseum Square charged hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month for communal upkeep, probably mostly because they have a communal pool.

So it will officially be for sale in four days, and after that I guess you just sit and wait. Will someone make an offer on it? How low will it be? How much under the asking price are we prepared to accept? The best case of course is that two or more buyers fall in love with it and bid against one another because they are desperate to have it. But I believe the housing market has softened here in the Crescent City, and while that may indeed have happened a couple of years ago (indeed it did happen to my friends around the corner), it’s a different ball game these days.

Anyway, time will tell. It’s the first time I’ve ever sold a home – not quite, but the last time was a private sale and not on the open market – so what can you do but sit back and wait.

Maybe next month I won’t have a place to live in. I’ll post an SOS if I need a couch to crash on…


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