Feb 06

The new year has been awful so far. Hopefully it will get better.

First off, as I wrote last month, my grandmother died. Then just a couple of weeks later, my nephew, my stepsister’s son, also died. She was 99, he was 19. A difference of 80 years and a whole life span between them, an extremely sobering thought that makes you thankful for what you have.

Then we got hit with crazy weather here in New Orleans, the Big Freeze, that left the city paralysed. I had always just considered a cold snap a mild inconvenience, but when you live in this part of the world that changes. When we did some work to the house a few years ago we never insulated the water pipes underneath the house. They are exposed and old, and that decision, that maybe would have cost $100 or something, came back to haunt us.

The water froze, and when it thawed one of the pipes burst. So I had no water for a bit, going to my friend’s house to shower and such. Then when we did get it fixed the valve in the water meter out the front broke, then the taps / faucets also went on the blink because the silt from the pipes blocked them. All-in-all it took three visits from the plumber and cost close to a grand to fix. Lovely.┬áTo add to the joy my upstairs heating also stopped working and that was more money to get someone out to fix that. And the heater in my car still isn’t coming on.

At least I have the Mardi Gras parades and ensuing revelry coming up this week, so a bit of light relief and distraction on the horizon. I hope 2018 gets better for me and is an enjoyable 12 months for you too.

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