Jan 09

My grandmother died 10 days ago. She was 99.

I was convinced she was going to live until she was 100, and her death came out of the blue. It’s sad, but of course that’s a helluva innings to have, just falling a few months short of a century. I found out about it when I opened up Facebook, my cousin’s son had posted about it. An illustration of the social media age right there.

My dad called me a few hours later, and no matter your age, it’s got to be hard to lose your mother. To make it worse, the funeral was held last Thursday, his birthday. So he got to bury his mum for a present, making it the most bittersweet day you can imagine I suppose.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it back to Belfast for the funeral. I just couldn’t swing it. The timing was terrible, if a death in the family ever has good timing. I’m in the middle of teaching a writing course and coaching soccer, and with it being so close to the holidays, just a couple of days after the New Year, travelling standby on my friend’s buddy passes across the Atlantic would have been hard. When I priced it, the regular return trip for just a few nights was more than $1,200.

I was at the funeral of my other three grandparents so I hated missing hers, but, as my friend said, funerals are for the living. I’m sure she knew that I loved her and that I was thinking of her.

So long Sadie. Here’s hoping that after some sad news, the year gets better from here on out.

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