Oct 26

Unbelievable. Really, truly, spectacularly unbelievable.

I know that we live in a world full of hyperbole, in which commuters threaten to kill themselves if they can’t find a decent parking spot near their office, but the Americans failing to qualify for the World Cup is… well, I’ve made my feelings clear.

It never, ever occurred to me that they would not make the finals. I emailed back and forth with my publisher, and if truth be told, it suited my narrative and first chapter if there was a bit of a struggle to make it (conflict you see, should be at the heart of any strong story). But I was 100 percent sure all the way through they were going to save the day at the end. How they managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory was a failure of staggering magnitude.

So now I have a book that needs a new title, a new cover, a new chapter and a rewritten introduction. Fantastic. More work and it is going to sell about 14 copies.

So that news, that happened while I was in Belfast visiting my family, maybe sorta kinda tarnished what was a great trip across the Pond. I saw Chelsea three times in a week, I watched the Saints at Wembley, I met my friend to watch his team Nottingham Forest, and I went to the new stadium in Northern Ireland for the World Cup qualifier against the world champions Germany.

Ironically Northern Ireland still have a (small) chance of making the 2018 tournament in Russia while the biggest football / soccer-playing country on the planet are out. So keep your fingers crossed…

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