Sep 11
We have just come back from our second annual writers’ retreat at the beach. It was great.
Actually, there is an important distinction between this year and last year. Last year, it was a writing retreat. This year it is a writers’ retreat. See the difference? Last year we came to write. It was the first time we had organised anything like this and we made an effort to make it worthwhile. We put aside hours to write, we had discussions, we read each other’s stuff and talked about it.
This time it wasn’t quite the same. Basically we went to the beach. But because we are all writers we were able to call it a writers’ retreat. There was nothing organised.
I am firing away with the second draft of my World Cup book and I was hoping to get some work done on that. I got less accomplished than I had hoped thanks to a broken laptop, but I did get plenty of other writing course work done. Just not work on my book.
But it was fun as always, three nights in a beautiful condo overlooking Pensacola Beach. I didn’t get to watch Chelsea play on Saturday but you can’t have everything.
I did also get some work done on planning for my trip home. Next week I’m headed across the Pond, and in a strange turn of events I’m going to be in England longer than I’m going to be in Northern Ireland. Visiting friends, watching Chelsea… I’m really looking forward to it. I will get to go home as well and see my family and catch up with my mates so yeah, excited for my first trip home in over a year.
But first… I need to get this work done. So if you excuse me, I’m off to edit a book. Maybe by next month I’ll be finished. Hope springs eternal, right?
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