Jul 04

I was flying along with my World Cup book, writing thousands of words a day. But then I got side-tracked.

Personally I find it helpful to split projects up into smaller pieces and then it feels like I’m accomplishing goals. I only have two chapters to write and then I’m (more or less) finished with the first draft. I’ve been driving around the country and been bogged down with lots of other domestic stuff in the past few weeks, but even so, if I can get the next chapter knocked off by the end of next week – and I think I can – then I’m right back on track. My aim is to get it completed by the end of July.

I will probably then schedule a couple of days off before going back to edit it. I’m giving myself two months to polish it off and clean it up and all those other euphemisms we writers use to describe when we ┬átry to make something better. There is certainly work to be done on that front.

But I’ve enjoyed researching and writing this book and I learned a bunch of stuff, maybe some of it I knew once upon a time but had forgotten. I have always loved international football / soccer and especially the World Cup. If Northern Ireland could qualify for the next tournament in Russia – hope springs eternal, right? – then how fabulous would that be to go to see them play in it a mere 26 years after my last visit. Yeah well, we are a long way from that. But sure a boy can dream.

Anyway, as I write it’s the Fourth of July and I will celebrate in traditional American fashion by going up into my attic to hunt for a bunch of things I need. Land of the Brave, Home of the Free, and Habitat of Stuff apparently.

Happy Independence Day y’all.

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