Jun 06

So summer has well and truly arrived in Louisiana. My daily six-mile jog is more like a slog, a battle between the elements and my creaking, middle-aged body. I run in the heat of the day in an attempt to… well, I don’t know what really. I was going to write, “acclimatise to the conditions” but then I realised I don’t have any need to do that. Some of our Sunday games kickoff at noon but that’s hardly a valid reason. Maybe I just like punishing myself, although it’s great when you sweat a lot and then step on the scales because you can convince yourself the weight is simply melting off you, when of course the second you drink a glass of water it all goes on again.

I am in the midst of getting my World Cup book finished. My plan is to have the first draft done by the end of July, and I should be managing that I think unless disaster strikes. I have plenty of other things going on here at Rea Towers as well so my life is a bit of a juggling act at the minute. Up until last month I had four different jobs, but in the last couple of weeks one has gone away and another has slowed down, so although it doesn’t do great things for the bank balance, at least it gives me time to read up on first round matches from the 1938 World Cup and such.

So back to the grind. I hope wherever you are in the world, you are managing to stay cool.

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