Apr 04

It’s like someone flipped a switch. One minute you are getting all toasty in bed and wearing jeans, the next a walk to the post office leaves you dripping in sweat. It’s like there is no real Spring, though maybe around 80 degrees or so is as close as we get.

I’m in the middle – not strictly accurate, but I’m a writer and allowed lots of creative freedom – of two writing courses. The Tuesday night class is going really well, normally I’m looking for a dozen writers, so far we have 16. Usually a couple of students fall away, it’s not for them or their work schedule changes or such, but tonight is week four out of eight and so far everyone is still hanging on it there. No doubt after writing that now, I’ll turn up tonight and there will only be two left…

The Thursday night course is also sold-out as we only have room for a limited number due to it’s nature: in 10 weeks we have to look at everyone’s writing twice and also factor in guest speakers, a class project, etc. So although both keep me busy with planning and reading, I enjoy doing them and I guess they are reasonably successful.

I’m also in the middle of (LOTS of artistic leeway here) writing my book about the World Cup. My goal (see what I did there?) is to finish it over the summer, and maybe make it to one of their matches this year as well. You know, to give me a taste of things.

So if you excuse me, I’m in the middle of taking a shower…


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