Mar 02

I feel like my life is about to get busy.

Spring and Fall are always busy in New Orleans anyway, as it’s the time of year when it’s not a million degrees or the humidity makes it seem like it’s 20 degrees less than what it is. But it’s true for me as well, more so this year.

I am currently juggling four jobs, all of them part-time, but all of them with demands obviously. That’s difficult enough. In the next week or so I have two writing courses that start up and will take me through until May. I love teaching these, meeting new people, but they obviously take time and effort. You have to read the writers’ stories, prepare the classes and so on and so forth… with two sessions each week that’s a load right there.

On top of that I need to finish the first draft of the World Cup 2018 book I am writing and have only six months to finish. It all seemed to be a long time ago that I signed the contract. And spent the advance.

So it’s all hands to the pumps for me this month, and I’ve a trip to Florida to see my mum to squeeze in there as well. April will perhaps be quieter, then in May I’m off to Oklahoma, before two trips to Texas in June. The devil makes work for idle hands or something, right? I’ll let you know how everything goes, in the meantime – stay busy…

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