Feb 03

I’ve spent the last week or so immersed in the world of Finn McCool’s Football Club. That’s not unusual, but I’m talking about my book instead of the soccer team for once.

I’m delighted that Skyhorse Publishing in New York are going to bring out a paperback edition in June. The thing I’m happy about above all else is that they are going to include photos. That was the most frequent complaint I heard about the book, there are so many characters it’s hard to keep them straight, and some pictures would have helped. I agree totally.

So we are putting this right, and I had to come up with 16 photos to send to the publisher. I’ve been hunting through files and galleries and such and narrowed it down to the final 16 I think. I’ve tried to include photos related to the stories and characters from the story, plus updating things and covering events that have happened since I wrote it.

Talking of that, I’ve also written a new epilogue bringing the story up to date. They wanted 2,000 words, and I’ve just finished the first draft a few minutes ago and it’s more than twice as long. So some editing to do there then.

But it’s all good and exciting stuff and hopefully it will breath life back into the story. If only I could find a publisher to do the same with my football skills…


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