Jan 12

Tomorrow I’m flying out to Las Vegas to play in a football tournament. Those are words I never though I’d write.

There is an annual competition held over Martin Luther King weekend called The King’s Cup that I had heard about in the past. An Englishman who lives in New Orleans puts together a squad with some bloke from LA and asked me to join.

I’m playing on an over-48 team, and the qualification is you have to turn 48 by the end of this year. I squeeze in by less than five weeks, so I’m obviously hoping to be the youngest player in the whole thing. With a bit of luck, youth will compensate for lack of talent.

Another Finn’s player is coming with me, and, in what is an unbelievable coincidence, the Hollywood producer who is trying to option my book also plays on the team. So that’s at least three players I know which is always a good start.

Two matches on Saturday, two on Sunday, and then we see how it goes I guess for Monday. If you reach the final then it’s another two games, if not it’s a day hanging around the casinos wasting my money or something.

But it should be a laugh and I’m looking forward to it. A weekend break in Sin City in January can never be a bad thing, right? I’ll let you know how it goes next month, in the meantime I hope your new year is starting off equally exciting. Til next time…

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