Nov 10

Personally, I did not see that coming. It never even occurred to me that Trump was going to win.

If you voted for the TV star then good luck to you. I’ve been an American citizen for nine years, but this was the first time I made the effort to register and vote. I don’t like him, and even though he was always going to win in Louisiana, I still felt it necessary to exercise my franchise. He won this State but Clinton took Orleans Parish by 81 percent.

It reminds me of the Brexit vote back home in the UK. I was in France when the result came in and my friends were split, some had voted to stay in the EU, others to leave. I understand it was not just a bunch of old racist men who hated foreigners, but the decision was a lot more nuanced, and the “yes” vote crossed the lines of race, age and income. My guess is something similar was at play here in the States.

You may not like him personally, and think he is a bit of a blundering idiot, but you still prefer him over Clinton. I understand she comes with baggage. I’m sure part of it was wanting to send a message to the “Washington elite.” It appears many Americans feel they are ignored, feel their government is useless, feel their politicians don’t look out for the little guy.

So there you have it: a reality TV show host who has never held an elected position in his life is now the most powerful man in the Free World. Wow. Like I wrote, I didn’t see that coming.

But whatever happens, I’m sure everything will settle down and the world will keep turning. No point whining about it, get on and deal with it. I’m sure the USA will survive.

So until next time, congratulations or commiserations to you, whichever way you voted. And it’s a short four years until you get your next chance, right? It’ll fly in…

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