Sep 12

We had our first writing retreat this weekend.

I’ve (kinda, sorta) halfheartedly tried to put them together before. The problem is that to be a proper retreat you have to go far away enough to make it seem like you are cut off from your regular life. Then of course it’s hard to get people who can actually take off work, leave their kids, whatever… it also seems that no matter which weekend you pick, writers have something else to do. Some of my class this weekend had prior engagements ranging from a Kraftwerk concert to a bagpipe retreat to a wedding.

But we picked this weekend and six of us decamped to a beautiful condo overlooking the water in Pensacola Beach. It was a great place and the view was stunning, and if that doesn’t inspire you to write then sorry, can’t help you. I think the five writers who went all enjoyed it, got something out of it, and got some writing and / or editing done.

As with everything, the first time you do something you make mistakes. “Fail again, fail better,” right? But we did fine for our first time, and if we do it again then there are improvements to be made and things we can structure differently. Live and learn…

Now our Fall writing classes are starting up and this week’s main focus is preparing for Thursday’s course and filling out next Tuesday’s introductory course. If you know anyone who may want to sign up, please put them in touch.

But for today we are back from the beach and back to work…

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