Aug 05
It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. Not that I’m complaining.
I had just settled back after a month in Europe (France for two-and-a-half weeks at the soccer European Championship, a week in Belfast, a couple of days in London) when I was on the road again. Trips to California and Minnesota with a break at home in New Orleans in between.
I had a 6am flight to San Diego on the Sunday morning following the Finn McCool’s birthday celebration party – simply delightful as you can imagine – and spent four nights in Southern California. Meetings, a football game, working for Chelsea, watching training, attending events, negotiating the mental traffic… It really was nonstop and I was on the go the whole time. Early starts and late-night drives of hundreds of miles meant I was well and truly spent by the time I got up at 4am again for my flight back to Louisiana.
But not much chance to recover at home. I had a fiction-writing class on Thursday, a concert on Friday, my daughter’s sleepover birthday party on Saturday, and Guns n Roses on Sunday. Then another 530am start on Monday to Minneapolis.
Busy, busy there as well. More work for Chelsea, more writing, a little bit of shopping for my daughter at the humongous, monolithic, sprawling (you get the picture) Mall of America. At least in one of the Twin Cities I could walk everywhere and I didn’t need to spend hours and hours in the car. It ended with another Chelsea match at the brand-new Vikings’ stadium – and yet another 430am wake-up call…
So now I’m back in sweltering, steamy, sultry New Orleans. A few days to catch up and see my daughter, with whom I haven’t spent much time this summer, and then back to the grind. No rest for the wicked, right? Til next time…
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