Apr 14

April is festival season in New Orleans. This month is when things really start to kickoff and it appears the whole city is partying, drinking, visiting, listening or watching something every weekend.

For instance tomorrow night my friend is having a crawfish broil. The following night is my daughter’s school gala. Next Saturday I’m going to Jazzfest to see Pearl Jam. On Sunday I’ll be back to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. And that’s only the events I’m going to in the next 10 days or so.

There is Jazzfest again the following weekend and Cinco de Mayo a few days after that and well, you get the idea. Always something to do in this place. Maybe too much?

I’ve a lot of stuff going on both personally and professionally (ha!) at the minute. There are a few projects in the pipeline to keep me busy, but none of them have been signed, sealed or delivered so it seems silly to either announce them or, perhaps more importantly, work on them. Like everything let’s wait and see and time will tell.

My daughter has just five complete weeks of school left. Quite incredible. When I was at school the term went all the way through until the start of July, here her school is done a full week before the end of May. A couple of weeks with her and then… DUN DUN DUN!!!! the Euros and a couple of weeks in France. I can’t wait.

So I’m counting the days. In more ways than one…

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