Mar 21

Spring and Autumn / Fall, always a busy time of year here in the Crescent City. Lots going on, the weather is (usually) great, busy, busy, busy.

I’ve been busy this morning trying to find somewhere to stay in St Etienne in France for one night in June. I can hear you making sympathetic noises from here. I’m off to the Euros – Northern Ireland have qualified for the first time ever – and last week, after months of planning, I thought I was finished. All the rooms, trains, match tickets and everything else was sorted. Done and dusted.

We are travelling around five different cities and seeing four different games. For the first time I’ve booked Airbnb and VRBO accommodation – actually now I think about it I used VRBO once 16 years ago – so I’m interested to see how it turns out. I had a place booked for one night at $80 a night – and today I received an email informing me the owner had made a mistake and the new price is $250 a night. Charming.

So now of course, months after the original booking, everything is either a crazy price or sold out. Thankfully I found a place for more or less the same price. Not as nice and further out, but what can you do, eh? It’s only one night. It’ll be fine. What’s the worst that can happen, right?

So less than three months to go until I return to France for the first time since my friend’s wedding there nine years ago. In truth I’m going to see my team play in a major international tournament for the first time in 34 years, so I wouldn’t have cared if it had been held in Mongolia and Siberia. Still, worse places to spend your June I guess, right?

Til the next time…


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