Jan 25

My mum is the worst babysitter ever apparently.

She fell down the steps at my house two weeks ago today and broke her shoulder. It was sore but not unbearable and we left things for the night, but the next morning I took her to the hospital and they x-rayed it and told us the happy news. That’s when the real fun started…

I spent hours on the phone dealing with the UK insurance company, the Canadian medical management company, and the US doctors and healthcare system. To describe it as frustrating and time-consuming would be an understatement for sure.

After eight days I finally got everything sorted and she had the operation to repair the bone with a metal plate screwed into her arm. That was six days ago and she has just been back to the doctor today to see how it’s doing – she has to go back in a week and then (hopefully) they will take out the 27 staples in her arm.

So it’s been a bit stressful as you can imagine dealing with everything, but, hey, you know, life goes on and all that. If you excuse me, I need to make her lunch and give her some pain pills. Signed, Nurse Ratched.


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