Nov 15

In less than two weeks I will be closing in on 50. Well I guess I am doing that already.

What I mean is that I turn 46 later this month, and so officially I will be closer to 50 than 40. What an old man.

One of (many, depressing) things I’ve noticed about getting older is that it’s harder and harder to lose weight. I’ve spent months stuffing my face, and finally for the first time I weighed myself. I’m about 14 pounds – a whole stone as we would say back home – heavier than I would like to be, and I made a (bit of) an effort this week to eat better – so of course I put on a pound. I’m going to have to break out the big guns and actually do some exercises and such. Terrifying.

Of course it’s not like there is anything coming up that may trigger over-eating and over-indulging. No Thanksgiving, no Christmas, no Mardi Gras on the horizon or anything like that. Because that would just make everything harder.

So for now I’m going to enjoy my last few days on being the “good” side of being in my forties. Because I know it’s all downhill from here…

Til next time, enjoy your sweets and pastries and chocolates for me, S



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