Aug 13

A decade ago this month. Wow.

I’m often struck at the traffic lights at the intersection of Jefferson Davis and Washington Avenue, usually on my way to Finn McCool’s. Sometimes while I’m sitting there I just gaze around me and think, “Eight feet of water. Unbelievable.”

It’s strange to remember what it was like back then. What it was like to watch your city drown, fearing the worst about how many people were going to die, what state your home was going to be in when you returned.

I’ve been writing some pieces and I’ve been doing interviews the last couple of weeks. I contacted a bunch of media about getting some publicity to tie-in with the 10-year anniversary, shameless self-promoter that I am. I’m still flogging that dead horse of course.

We’ve had some good publicity though, an article in the New York Times which was wonderful, very prestigious, the cover of one of the sections in the Advocate, a long story on a local website. I had a chat with the BBC for a Radio Ulster programme back home as well that goes out on Saturday. So if nothing else that’s all been good, though maybe we will pick up a wee bit more coverage here and there as well as we still have a couple of weeks to go.

A time for reflection for sure. A time to remember what we went through. A time to appreciate how far we have come. And a time to commemorate those who didn’t make it.

Remember. Rebuild. Re-New Orleans.

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