Jul 11

I know that it is great that you can get paid to watch football / soccer. That’s what being a columnist is when it comes down to it.

It combines football and writing, two things that I enjoy. I was going to say two things that I am good at, but of course that would be a lie. I’m a useless footballer.

Talking of which, tomorrow morning we are league champions if we win. This season has now stretched to mid-July instead of finishing in early May as normal, lots and lots of rain-outs this season. The odds are against us of course, we are playing a young team who beat us 5-3 earlier in the season and we will be missing a bunch of players, but you never know. We were 3-1 up in that game…

I wrote some articles for the local paper for the Women’s World Cup, I will do a few more for the Gold Cup, and then hopefully Chelsea want me to write some for their USA tour later this month. I can’t complain about that at all now, can I? I suppose the only other thing I could do that would be comparable would be writing about rock music. Maybe I should try and combine the two.

I would love to be able to write about the sport year-round, but I guess so would thousands of other writers. And it’s not exactly as if Southern Louisiana is a football hotbed – at least the type of football I’m talking about. So in the meantime I’ll take what I can and not complain about it. Because that would be silly.

Right, quick entry this month, I gotta go. There are two matches on that I have to watch. I HAVE to watch them you see. It’s my job…


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