Jun 10

Actually I’ve seen worse. Or felt worse. Or whichever sense you want to use to describe the experience of feeling warmer weather.

Summer in New Orleans is brutal for sure. Now we’ve hit mid-June the season has ramped up its stride and is running full pelt with all the sweating, stickiness, smells and general unpleasantness that brings. It’s certainly the worst part of the year to visit as a tourist, and if you are a local it’s a time to flee to more temperate climes if you can.

My own summer plans are somewhat “on the roof” at the minute – one of my favourite / favorite jokes from Capricorn One, movie trivia buffs – and nothing is set in stone. I would certainly like to do something though. Maybe I will go and watch Chelsea play as they are on the East coast and in the North-East in late July. Maybe I will go and watch my friend’s band who are doing two nights in Nashville in August.

After more than a decade in the States I certainly feel like more of an American. I remember in the past doing a long car drive of four, five, six or more hours used to fill me with dread. But now I quite fancy a long road-trip, and even if I can fly somewhere and do something cheap I think that’s what I will do. Maybe.

Anyway, I hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing this summer, it’s fun and safe. Take care y’all…

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