May 04

The rain has been crazy. Like, I mean, really mental.

Last week we played our first football game in two months or something. It seems like every single week the heavens opened and the pitches flooded. Our matches just kept getting called off, my daughter’s games kept getting cancelled, practices were washed out. Like I said, mental.

I don’t remember it being like this any other year with so many things just postponed. Our 10-year anniversary Finn’s game had to go, it turned out that it didn’t rain at that particular time when we were scheduled, but it pretty much rained solidly the few days before. The t-shirts were already printed though, but luckily they look great and there will be a rush for them even with the wrong date.

It was also probably worth waiting for our league fixture, because when we did finally resume I scored again! My second goal of the season! It’s been years (decades?) since I scored twice in a season, and because of the rain-outs we are only halfway through the campaign. If I get another maybe it will be an all-time high goalscoring season for the midfield dynamo / maestro / old warhorse closing in on 50.

Any other football news… oh yes, I remember, Chelsea won the league! Yesterday! Just three defeats in 51 games across four different competitions. Enjoy the good times because God knows there were enough bad days in the 70s and 80s. So I took my daughter out to celebrate with an ice-cream. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m getting old…

Til next month, S


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