Apr 14

So it’s been another month full of transition and change. It seems that I’ve been writing the same blog every few weeks for a while now.

My personal life has been full of trials and tribulations, slings and the outrageous arrows of fortune… what can you do, eh? Life goes on, it’s tough then you die, fire makes steel, it’s always darkest before the dawn. You name it – even an old hack writer like me can conjure up loads of metaphors, analogies and homespun wisdom to basically say that life goes on. And indeed it does.

So to concentrate on the positive, we had another great St Patrick’s Day ride. Lots of people along the route, good friends having a laugh, yeah, it was a lot of fun. Again.

And since then two more writing classes from come along, actually, this week is the halfway point for both of them, so they are almost speeding off into the distance, not just shuffling up to me. As always they are enjoyable and I like meeting the new and returning writers, in fact the six pieces I read this week were some of the most interesting and diverse my courses have ever produced. A lot more fun than teaching, hell, I don’t know, maths or computer programming or something.

Spring is always a busy time in this city, both professionally and socially. Jazzfest coming up, lots of concerts – oh, and the 10-year anniversary of Finn McCool’s Football Club. Someone should write a book. A good one this time…

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