Mar 09
Happy St Patrick’s Day in advance. Even though it’s more than a week away.
The day itself is nowhere near as much fun as the Saturday before when there’s a big parade in New Orleans. This will be the third year that I have ridden in it. This year a friend of mine is flying in from England for it to ride with me, so that will be good.
It’s held the Saturday before the day, and usually it’s great weather. One year I remember it poured, when my daughter was young, and in the photos from that day we all look like drowned rats. But I think that’s the only time I remember it raining, although there were a couple of little showers last year if memory serves.
It’s cheap compared to riding in a regular Mardi Gras krewe which can cost up to two or three grand all in, and it’s an all-day event. We start with breakfast at Finn McCool’s, then travel to the float, then walk up and down Magazine Street before the ride. It eventually gets rolling at 1pm or 2pm or something, I never remember and nobody ever seems to know, and then it lasts hours. Afterwards we get bused back to the pub and stay as long as we are allowed.
I usually see a fair number of people I know on the route. Of course it fires along Magazine Street when it’s really busy, and takes forever along those areas where there’s nobody, but that doesn’t matter. I’m not even sure some of my friends throw anything, they just eat and drink and chat – I have pictures of them all sitting down last year and the parade is practically an afterthought. All good fun though.
Anyway, St Patrick’s Day itself is almost like an anticlimax after that, and I never even celebrated it back home anyway. But that doesn’t matter and we don’t need to get into the politics of a divided Northern Ireland right now I believe.
So anyway, fingers crossed for nice weather and a great ride. So to speak… Til next time.
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