Jan 12

A happy new year to you. May 2015 be everything that you are wishing for.

I’m certainly hoping that it’s better than it’s been recently. I’ve been laid low…

I’m never sick, I think that I’ve missed one day sick in my whole working life. But then in November I fell ill and assumed that it was the flu. I was sick for a few days then fine again.

A few weeks later it came back for another go around and another couple of days of illness. Then the weekend before Christmas it came back again. Sore head, sore throat, fatigue, etc and that lasted another couple of days. Then I got better again. For a week.

So on December 29 the f**ker hit me yet again, and this time it brought with it mouth ulcers and sores and I admitted defeat and went to urgent care. They ran a battery of tests, ruled out the flu and Mono and such, and then basically told me that I had a virus. I got four different medications, hopefully one of them will work.

As I write this I’m a lot better than this time last week, but I’m still not right. I suppose that goes without saying, but I mean that I’m still tired, still getting back to normal, but hopefully I’m on the right road to a full recovery.

Then again, it’s Mardi Gras season coming up – could set me back weeks…

I’ll let you know in February. Take care until then.

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