Nov 20

A week from today I will be 45. Edging closer to 50. Life just begins to fly by, right?

It’s funny, but I can actually pinpoint the exact date that I began to feel my age. Last year at Jazzfest, when I say the exact date, I could look it up and be specific I guess, but I’m talking more in general terms. So it was Spring 2013. Very specific. Good thing I’m a writer with a handle on the English language.

Anyway, I went to Jazzfest on Saturday and spent the day with my friend Paul in a h0spitality tent, I think it may have been Bruce Springsteen playing. Then we went to the Quarter for a bit, before walking over to watch the Black Crowes at a late-night show. After that we came home, and I was up that Sunday to play football. Then back to Jazzfest again.

And I vividly remember waking up on that Monday morning and feeling my age. Pains, backache, you name it… all the things that old codgers like me complain about to the young bucks. It’s something of a miracle I’m still alive today.

But I’m still hanging in there, still watching the occasional band, still playing football, still keeping busy. Seven-year-olds will do that to you.

So no big plans for next week. No plans at all actually. It’s just another day. Another day closer to death I suppose…

And on that cheery bombshell – Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a great time! Be thankful and joyful! And see you at Christmas.


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