Oct 19

“Please put a penny in the old man’s hat.”

That’s the song we used to sing when we went door-to-door trick or treating in my day. But back then we didn’t ask for sweeties / chocolate / candy, but money. It seems a bit bizarre now really. You would just go around the area and ask people to give you money for Halloween. Often you wouldn’t even dress up, maybe just put the collar of your coat up. It was usually dark and often raining anyway. How times have changed.

Now you spend a fortune on kids’ costumes and get all sorts of goodies, not just little treats. Stickers, favours, flashing beads, all sorts of stuff that I could never have dreamed off 30 years ago wandering around the streets of east Belfast and Dundonald. This year we are going to a party at the house of one of Nicola’s friend’s parents on a street famous for going a bit OTT (over the top) so I’m sure I will get the whole Yankee Doodle Dandy USA Halloween experience. Here’s hoping anyway – Halloween in New Orleans certainly brings out the crazies as you can imagine.

Next week is the last week before my football coaching starts so the season is closing in fast. Thankfully one of my writing courses has almost wrapped and the other will be done before Thanksgiving. The days of rushing from training to teaching three nights a week are gone, although between jobs at the school, football / soccer and teaching, I’m hardly sitting around doing nothing.

I spent last weekend sampling the delights of Marksville, Louisiana for an eighties hair metal festival, while at the end of the month it’s the Foo Fighters at Voodoofest. Maybe next month I’ll write about both.

Until then, Happy Halloween everyone! Cya next month.

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