Jun 25

If only the World Cup was held more frequently than once every four years. I’m a media superstar at the minute.

In the last 10 days or so I’ve been on two TV shows,  interviewed on two radio programmes (and another tonight), and written 11 articles for the local paper The Advocate. I feel like a Kardashian.

It’s not like I’m making a fortune or that I’m going to give David Beckham a run for his money, but it can’t help to raise the writing and / or soccer profile. Actually now I think about it I was on the radio for Bloomsday as well, promoting an event at the Irish House that ironically I had to pull out of because of my World Cup commitments. I post all the links and clips and so on and so forth on my Facebook page – my friends must think I’m a megalomaniac. Which of course I am.

But I love the World Cup. I’ve seen at least part of every match apart from one, and to be able to plonk yourself in front of the TV and watch hours of international football is just Heaven for me. To get paid to watch it and then write about it is even better.

I still fancy Brazil to do well, and Argentina and Germany as well. I picked the three of them before the tournament started so I guess I have to stick with them. The Dutch, Colombians and French all look good as well, though I can’t see any of those winning it. Then again I predicted that Spain could reach the final and they were the first country out, so what do I know…

But in the meantime I’m having a ball watching it, and I will probably suffer withdrawals on Friday when we have the first football-free day in two weeks. But maybe I’ll get some other stuff done that day instead – if I can peel myself off the couch.

So see you on the other side of the greatest sporting spectacle on Earth. I hope Costa Rica win it.

Til the next time…


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