May 14

So another busy period of my life is coming to a close.

My teaching courses have either already wrapped up or will do so in the coming weeks, and that will free up my life, specifically my evenings I suppose, to a large degree. As always I enjoy them and the students keep me on my toes and keep things interesting. I always enjoy them though, and there are a bunch of good writers on there, many of whom end up becoming friends.

Also, my daughter’s school is almost done for the year. I seem to have found myself with four different jobs at that place now, and I work in aftercare every day now. Apart from when I have something else to do at the school obviously, like today for instance when I have to leave early to speak at the athletic banquet.

And then there is the never-ending work at the house. It took me two weeks to fix Nicola’s room, then I broke the toilet which will have to be replaced, then we had a leak in our living room and we will have to fix the hole, fix the wall, and fix the decoration. After that I need to insulate and repair the AC ducts under the house. I’m hoping that this will end soon (yeah right, I know…).

So with everything ending soon, my life is going to be one looooong stretch of peacefulness and easy living any day now. Oh hang on, I’ve just remembered: my daughter is off school for the next 10 weeks. Yep, 10 weeks. Wonderful. All day, every day, the two of us. By the end of the summer, coaching, teaching and working all in the same day will seem like a breeze, believe me. Til the next time, then. If I make it.

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