Apr 20

While you are making other plans, right? Or Man plans, God laughs. That’s the other one, right?

Either way, I think that it means that you can’t plan anything. Things are always happening that you didn’t foresee, didn’t allow for, couldn’t see coming…

That has been the story of my life in the last six months or so. Things going well, things going, well, less well, things going. I hate to write this, what with being a writer and all, but I cannot adequately describe everything that has been going on in my life lately. So I won’t even bother.

Instead I will tell you that yet again I am doing work at the house. This time I’ve been taking down walls in my daughter’s room and will be painting them. Soon. As soon as the guy I have helping me returns to finish the job. Which he was supposed to do on Saturday. But apparently he got loaded instead. So he never did. And now I have to wait for him to show up again, get everything done, then let it dry so I can start painting. So that when my darling princess is back home her room will be ready to move into.

In fact redoing her room is an apt metaphor for life in general I think. Everything takes longer, nothing turns out the way you expected, and it always costs more money than you thought it would.

Aw well, what can you do, right? ‘Til the next time…


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