Mar 24

It seemed I was a wee bit early last month. First time for everything…

Last time out I wrote about how I was redoing my website. How finally, after five years or something, you were going to be able to read it on an Apple product. But I got ahead of myself.

I hired a guy in Pakistan to do it, but it took a bit longer than I thought. Hopefully now it’s done. Hopefully everyone everywhere in the world can see this. And read it. Well, those who have a computer of some sort anyway. And are connected to the web. And who want to read about me. Probably not a large Facebook group if I’m honest.

I should say that it wasn’t his fault. We had Mardi Gras and then St Patrick’s Day and everything else that always seems to be going on in my life and it sometimes took days for me to check the work he was doing. And then various people thought he was a hacker I guess – they denied him access to my photo gallery, website hosting company, etc… Fair enough, I suppose it did seem a bit strange that someone is trying to log into my account in Pakistan while someone is already in it in New Orleans.

I’m still not quite sure how it works if I’m honest. The website I see on my computer, the one I use at home, is still the regular site designed all those years ago by my kiddie pirate entertainer bloke. But when I log on with the iPad it’s a copy. I know this because the football / soccer ball along the top doesn’t roll across the screen. So are there two different sites and you are redirected to one when you use an Apple product? Is it one site, but when you log on with the PC then only some stuff works? It’s all very confusing. I’m somewhat computer savvy for a man born in the sixties. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

Anyway, one way or the other, you made it here. And made it as far as the bottom of this post. And for that I thank you.

See you next month.

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