Feb 12

So I’m hoping you are reading my website for the first time. Let me explain.

My site was built five years ago – this month I think actually – by a guy called Papillion, a guy who dresses up as a pirate to entertain children. In a good birthday party way, not a creepy way.

I love my site and I think he did a great job on it, for a very reasonable rate as well, but the problem was that he used Flash to build it. Apparently that’s a program, code, computer thingy, and apparently it doesn’t work with Apple products. So for years my site didn’t work with iPhones, iPads, etc, and that obviously is a bit of a drawback.

So I had been reliably told that it wasn’t a big deal to “transfer” the site over to a new platform, just sort of copying and pasting I suppose, so that those lucky people could read it. But I never got around to doing it – until now!

So as we “speak” – unless it’s during the night in Asia – I have a man in Pakistan reformatting my site. I think. I hope. And maybe a big, wide world will open up now and thousands and thousands of readers will flock to my site every month. Just like you reading this post right now.

I’m so excited. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope it works – and I will see soooooo many more of you next month.

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